Culo Interview

      The first Labrador breeder to produce modern Silver Labradors was Dean Crist of Crist Culo Kennels. Though evidence now suggests that Silver Labs occurred on occasion prior to the emergence of Culo's Silver Labs in the 1980s, they were apparently not bred for and evidently culled (euthanasia) by those that produced them in fear of potential accusations of mismating and subsequent ruin of ones reputation as a breeder. For supporters of Silver Labs, it can only be considered fortuitous that Silvers showed up in a litter of Dean Crist's. Not only did Dean posses an educational background in biology and genetics, but Dean is strong-willed and individualistic; not afraid of standing up for one's self and beliefs, even in the face of severe public ridicule, scrutiny, and personal attacks. Though he may have been beaten-up at times, he has never been beaten down. For decades he has stood strong in his convictions and has taken on battle after battle, and he has prevailed; he is still standing strong, and so too are the Silver Labs he so loves. 
      Just as the 3rd Earl of Malmesbury is revered as the founder and one of the fathers of the Labrador Retriever breed, without whose foresight as devotion we would not have the Lab as we know and celebrate it today, likewise Dean Crist is indisputably the Father of the modern magnificent silver Labrador Retriever; his foresight and absolute devotion has brought the Silver Lab out from obscurity and into the spotlight.