Other Attacks

      When it comes to those few that have taken a very public stand against Silver Labradors, there is no question that the biased positions espoused by WigWag have played a significant role in their postings and websites. Some even directly quote WigWag...or at least claim to, since the quotes don't always match up with other statements made by WigWag. With this recognition, the vast majority of the claims made by the other vocal Silver Lab haters have already been addressed in the rebuttals to WigWag's Diatribe. As you review the comments made by these others, refer to the WigWag Diatribe for concise and factual rebuttals. There are, however, a couple different assertions made by these breeders, which will be addressed here.
      Of interest to note is that all these breeders, 5 counting WigWag, are Show Lab breeders. One does not find anything equal to these horrible attacks from the Field Lab community, nor does the vast, innumerable cohort of hobby breeders produce such venomous hatred. To say the Labrador Retriever Community is represented by these couple kennels, hell-bent on discrediting the Silver Labrador, would be a far-fetched stretch. No doubt there are some in each of these circles that oppose Silver Labs, but in truth, their opposition has been based on the outlandish claims of the 5 or so hard-core haters. The overwhelming majority of Labrador enthusiasts likely are indifferent, if not supportive of the Silver Labrador...most have never even seen on in person due to their present rarity.
      If you have previously opposed Silver Labs, you would do yourself a favor to carefully research the rebuttals made here and refocus your efforts to form your own personally informed opinion, rather than accepting the prejudiced claims of those with a personal vendetta against Silver Labs. Hear both sides, seek out the facts for yourself. If you do this honestly with yourself, you may be surprised as you discover that the Silver Lab Truth is much different than the haters want you to believe.