Silver Labrador Theses

      Similar to the great reformist Martin Luther, the Theses presented here challenge what has become the egocentric practice of those that would claim to be the conservators of the Labrador Retriever breed.  These Theses point out facts that those who hate Silver Labradors choose to ignore or simply disbelieve, either through their own ignorance or unwillingness to do their own research into the Silver Lab.  The key is that they are facts, substantiated, researched, irrefutable facts.  
      When these Silver Lab haters spew their hatred, it behooves the reader/listener to ask for their facts in order to corroborate or disprove through their own research.  What facts do they have that can conclusively, or, even remotely, prove their claims of crossbreeding to Weimaraners?  Go ahead, ask them for their proof.  When you recognize that all they have if biased opinion and hatred, you will be left to decide for yourself whether or not you agree with their opinions (and even outright lies) or, if you will accept the substantiated, researchedirrefutable facts.