WigWag's Diatribe

     Foremost in the Anti-Silver crusade is an individual who uses the internet handle "WigWag," which is in reference to her own Labrador Retriever kennel.  It is the positions developed by her, and subsequently posted on public internet chat forums and websites, that are then re-posted and quoted by anyone who wishes to attempt to discredit the Silver Labrador.  It could be argued that this one individual is responsible for the majority of the hatred that most people who hate Silver Labradors express against the Silver Labrador, and those who support or breed the Silver Labrador.  Certainly, the arguments commonly use against Silver Labradors are based on her statements.  As such, one looking for the truth must examine her claims with a cautious eye, careful to check all her "facts."  
     She is a very studied individual, possessing a graduate degree in molecular biology and genetics.  She is routinely sought out by the LRC for opinions on topics such as the Silver Labrador.  She is a knowledgeable breeder of show-bred Labradors.  Her credentials alone have led to an almost automatic acceptance of all her statements about Silver Labradors.  Her credentials, however, come with the burden of credibility in her research.  

      Provided here is an in-depth examination of her most common claims, claims that are routinely regurgitated by anyone who wishes to take to task the purity of the Silver Labrador.  Take time to examine the topics, each claim and each rebuttal.  Seek out the source information yourself, just the facts, only then you will be able to determine if WigWag is indeed credible, or, if perhaps her claims are driven by a deeply held bias